COVID-19 Safety

Our office is fully dedicated to the safety and health of our patients. Dr. Ida has stayed current with the latest national, state, CDC, OSHA and dental society regulations and guidelines during this pandemic. Our office is exemplary in our implementation of COVID-19 safety protocols.


Features of COVID-19 Safety Measures

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  • All staff members and patients are prescreened prior to their entry into our office by taking COVID-19 questionnaires and by taking their temperature.
  • Paperwork is greatly minimized by the use of online registration.
  • Our waiting room is closed and patients are escorted directly to their individual rooms so patient to patient contact is greatly reduced.
  • All patients use oral rinses which diminish the potential viral load by 10,000 fold.
  • Each of our patient treatment rooms has an air cleaner used to destroy the virus. Also, our central AC unit has an ultraviolet air cleaning device to remove the virus from the ventilation system.
  • The dental dam, a protective rubber shield, is used during treatment on every patient. This diminishes the potential aerosolization of the COVID-19 virus by 90%.
  • Dr. Ida developed a technique using a dental sealant called OpalDam 23 years ago which virtually eliminates aerosols created during endodontic treatments.
  • The use of an aerosolization suction device is used to minimize the spray created when using a water spraying handpieces.
  • All PPE is sterilized before each treatment to eliminate cross-contamination between patients.
  • Our office is regularly cleaned with hypochlorous acid fogging which irradicates microbes on surfaces and throughout the office. Hypochlorous acid is 100X more potent than bleach at killing microbes and is completely safe for adults and children.